When do we buy Scrip?

Below is the monthly schedule for 2019-2020.

Order PlacedEstimated Delivery Date
August 5thAugust 10th
August 19thAugust 24th
September 3thSeptember 7th
September 16thSeptember 21st
September 30thOctober 5th
October 14thOctober 19th
October 28thNovember 2nd
November 11thNovember 16th
November 25thDecember 2nd
December 9thDecember 14th
(last one before Christmas)!
January 6thJanuary 11th
January 20thJanuary 25th
February 3rFebruary 8th
February 17thFebruary 22nd
March 2ndMarch 8th
March 16thMarch 22nd
March 30thApril 4th
April 13thApril 18th
April 27thMay 2nd
May 11thMay 16th

Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser project. While you may be accustomed to fundraisers that focus on the sale of specific items for a short period of time and have a defined end date, this program will continue throughout the year. It may take some initial effort to develop the habit of ordering your Scrip every month, but once you get in a routine of ordering and using Scrip cards, the process should be quite easy.

If you use Scrip regularly for grocery purchases, when you go Christmas shopping, buy gift cards, buy school clothes and shoes, or make large purchases, the dollars will definitely start to add up in your child’s trip account.