What are the meal options for football games and contests?

Your Activity Fee includes Game Day Meals and Contest Meals.  Please read carefully below:

  • You will not need to pay separately for food this year, EXCEPT if you choose to have two sandwiches.  If you’re child chooses to have extra at mealtime, it will be an additional $20 and you will purchase this with their Gear on Charms.
  • NO Vegetarian option is available for Game Meals, they will only be provided for Contest Meals. Contest Meals are when the students are on the road during mealtime and cannot be provided by themselves.
  • We are offering an OPT-OUT option for Game Meals.  If you choose not to have us provide meals for your child for Game Days, you can take $100 off your Activity Fee Payment ($450 total).  You must include an OPT-OUT form with your payment. Click here for the OPT-OUT Form.
  • There will be no refunds during or after marching season for meals.
  • ALLERGIES: Please fill out the Allergy form if you have food or laundry allergies. Click here for the Allergies and Restrictions Form.