How do I make a payment?

  • Payments can be made online via credit card or PayPal here on the JET Band website. Click here to pay the Band Activity Fee.
  • Checks should be paid to the “JET Band Boosters”. You can write one check if you need to pay for more than one fee or have multiple kids. As long as it is noted how it’s to be distributed, we will apply it accordingly.
  • Payment for school-owned instruments ($80) is due before October 1st. Checks should be paid out to “Katy ISD”.
  • All payments, forms, etc. are to be turned into the band safe. If you are new to the band, the band safe is next to the inside band room door, there is a drop box that the kids can easily put items into.
  • ANY money going into the safe needs your student’s full name and what payment is for either on the memo line of the check or marked on the outside of the envelope.
    • If you are paying cash, please indicate the amount you sent in, so if there is a discrepancy, we can work it out before it is deposited.
    • We have envelopes on top of the safe, if needed. We collect for various events throughout the year and mystery money takes time to figure out. When in doubt of where to turn something in for band, put it in the safe, it will get to where it needs to go.

For questions, contact our Treasurer, Sharon Mitchell at