Special JET Band booster Blast 8/1/20

Message from the Band Director

Freshmen and new to JET Band students: Monday August 10 and Tuesday August 11 we are going to have introduction to marching fundamentals rehearsals for our new freshmen and any other new to JET Band students. Rehearsals both days will be from 1-3pm out on the band parking lot. As with all summer rehearsals during this pandemic, these rehearsals are optional but highly encouraged as this may be the only time we get to rehearse marching fundamentals at this level of detail. So if you are comfortable with your student being on campus, please make plans for both afternoons. 

As much as I would love to have the full band together, at our size that’s hard to do and maintain social distancing. Just the freshmen and student leadership team should be a very manageable size. 

Next week I’ll send out much greater detail of daily check-in protocols, how we are planning on maintaining social distancing, what students need to wear and what to bring, etc. 

For now I just wanted to get this on the calendar so our freshmen and new families can make plans. 

Have a great weekend,

Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School