Special JET Band Booster Blast 4/30/20

Message from Michael Ary, Director of Bands

Monday, May 4, we will have access to the band hall to drop off any equipment or uniforms that you have and that you don’t currently need and to pick up any personal belongings you need to take home. 

  • Seniors, this is a good time for you to return any band equipment that you have checked out to you.
  • F Horn players, this is a good time to check out a mellophone.
  • We are not ready to check out marching instruments to everyone at this time.  Later we’ll arrange times for returning students and incoming freshmen to get their marching equipment for the summer.
  • If you are checking out any equipment, let a director know what you are taking before you leave so we can write that down. 
  • Anyone with a concert uniform at home, this is a good time to return those.
  • Anything you are returning must have your name written on it.  If it’s an instrument, write your name on a piece of masking tape and attach to the instrument or case. 
  • Concert uniforms can be placed in a bag with your name written on the outside of the bag.   

We are not allowed to touch anything that has been returned until it has sat for 7 days, so we need everything labeled with student’s name.

Students will be allowed to enter the building to take their personal belongings home from the band hall, but KISD has said that parents may not come in to take anything home.  Parents may drop off equipment but they cannot take anything home for their student.  Students will not be allowed to enter other parts of the building at this time, just the band hall.

Anyone entering the building must wear a face mask and maintain a 6 foot social distance. If you don’t have anything that needs to be returned at this time or you don’t have to pick up equipment, they are asking that you wait until later. This opportunity will not be any social time. It’s strict “get in and get out”.

Below is a Sign-Up Genius link to choose a 10 minute time slot.  We have 10 time slots every 10 minutes from 9am to Noon.  You may not enter the band hall until it is your time.  Please wait in your vehicle until it is your time.  When it is your time, you will enter the band hall from the exterior door at the front of the school, quickly take care of business and get out before your 10 minutes is up.


Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School
Katy, TX