JET Band Mum Mania is about to begin!

Sales start September 17th.  Get 10% off when ordered by September 25th.  Homecoming is October 19th.

This year we have several new trinkets/accents, new upgrades, new Multi-School Mums/Garters & new pricing/forms!  For those new to Homecoming Mums/Garters, follow the link to the information letter to understand the mass of fun ribbons and trinkets.

Click here to know what in the world mums are.

JET Band Mum & Garter sales are important as it is our 2nd largest fundraiser.  Along with a big fundraiser, we need your help making and selling mums.  The more orders we are able to take, the more lucrative the fundraiser!

If you aren’t crafty, we really could use lots of help with sales during lunch hours and simply by promoting our fundraiser to neighbors, family and friends.

Mum sales require no crafting knowledge and require only a few hours of your time out of the day.  You will help the kids navigate the form, answer questions, and take payments.  Don’t worry, we will give you the information you need.  A Sign-Up link will be out soon.
If you are interested in learning the mum/garter building basics or a refresher we have a couple teaching slots to help get you started:

  • MUM Mixer on Thursday September 13th: We will run through the basics of making a single mum.  You can order dinner, socialize, and learn.   RSVP to
    Disclaimer: Food/drink is at your expense.
    Place:  Texas Mesquite
    Time:  6:30 PM
  • Beginner Week, September 19th – 20th: we will have allotted times (posted later) to help you create a basic mum or garter.  This will be a hands on session making mum orders.
    Please try to attend at least one of the sessions. Once sales increase, our time to teach becomes very limited and difficult.

The mum room will always be manned by someone to help you.  It is a great way to get connected with fellow band parents and have a fun time crafting.  If you have not been placed on our volunteer list and would like to help, please email