10th YEAR of March-A-Thon

Hey neighbors! The band is coming to you!

It begins at 8:00AM at the Taylor High School Parking Garage. From there, the JET Band will march to Randalls for the Alumni Concert. Then they will be boarding the bus to head to different locations around Wolfe Elementary, Memorial Parkway Elementary, and McMeans Junior High. The band performs after having lunch at Hayes Elementary, and will march around there before heading to Pattison Elementary and then to Epiphany Catholic Church. Finally, the JET Band will march from Epiphany back to Taylor High School.

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For any questions and other ways to support us, contact the March-A-Thon Coordinator, Josie Hungerford at marchathon@jetband.org


Information for Parents and Students

March-A-Thon is a huge community event and our largest, most fun fundraiser of the year.  Our goal this year is to reach $28,000.  To reach that goal, students are encouraged to help raise $50 each in pledges or sponsorships. There are a variety of options to choose from to get this done:

  • Individual Pledges – Students may use the Individual Pledge Form to record donations in any amount from friends and family with the goal of total donations surpassing $50.
  • Individual Concert Sponsorships – Students may sell a concert/performance package for the band or color guard which includes a performance along the March-A-Thon route
  • Corporate Sponsorships – Students or parents may reach out to businesses or corporations that may sponsor the JET Band and receive special recognition which varies based on the level of sponsorship
  • Water Bottle Sales– Students may choose to purchase 10 water bottles and sell them for $10 each.  If this option is chosen, the set of 10 water bottles may be purchased at Money Day for $100. Each student choosing this option will receive credit for $50 in donations.
  • Online Donations – Share the link jetband.org/donate and shop.jetband.org/marchathon far and wide on social media!  Donors should specify the name of the student that they are supporting in the comments section so that the student receives credit for that donation toward their $50 requirement.

Students will be awarded prizes based on top 10 donation totals, top 10 number of pledges, and sections with 100% participation.  If the whole band reaches 100% participation, there will be a special reward for the whole band!