JET Band Booster Blast 9/25/19

Message from Michael Ary, Director of Bands

It’s here!!!!  We are now in full contest season mode. Schedule this week is rehearsal Monday 3:30-6 with our Program Coordinator Keith Dunton, Tuesday we have some students auditioning for Region Jazz at Cinco Ranch HS, Wednesday rehearsal 3:30-6, Thursday rehearsal 3:30-6, Friday game (Click here for game itinerary), and Saturday contest at Friendswood HS (Click here for contest itinerary).

Michael Ary
Director of Bands

Message from Shakira Luna, Band Booster President

Thanks to everyone who helped to bring our mum fundraiser to a close last week!  We will have more specifics in the next Blast.  I will save the listing of names for then.  In the meantime, those of you who worked so tirelessly to create, sell, and deliver mums- you have our heartfelt thanks!

I would also like to take a moment to give thanks to our loading crew/props team.  They have been working tirelessly to ensure that our props are stable, safe, and ready for competition this weekend.  Thank you for your hard work and ingenuity!

As always, thank you to our JET Fuel, uniform crew, Tide Troopers, and chaperone volunteers.  Our kids would not be able to do what they do week in and week out without you!

This is the beginning of Bandtober!  For those of you who are new to this, we will be eating, sleeping, and breathing band for the next 6 weeks or so with football games and contests in the same weekends.  Please read the band blasts carefully and print out the attached itineraries.  Each contest has its own fees and performance times will vary, so please read the details and make your plans as a family. There is no requirement for parents to attend contests, but there is nothing better than seeing a sea of blue in the stands, waving T Band signs, and cheering on our kids.  They thrive on our support.

We are very lucky to have multiple contests that are held locally this year at Legacy.  That being said, since the district is hosting multiple contests, they are expecting us to provide volunteers in support of those activities.  Just as we are helping with the hosting duties, we will share in the revenue, so please volunteer!  These opportunities bring in money to our organization that helps us to meet our budgetary needs without asking any of us to donate anything other than our time.  Details are provided below for how you can sign up.  It is critical that we are represented.  Please sign up to volunteer if you are available!

Please be aware that Student Activity Fees are due by October 1st.  Statements have gone out via email in the past couple of weeks.  You can also check your student’s account to confirm the amount owed in Charms at any time.  Please send any questions to  If you will have difficulty paying the fee in a timely manner, please contact Mr. Ary at  Click here for detailed information regarding the JET Band Student Assistant Fund.  If you feel that you will not be able to pay the complete fee or if you are interested in donating to the fund, please read the information carefully.

Band Activity Fee

Band Activity Fee payments are now being collected.  Following the payment schedule, there are two ways to pay:

1. Place your check made out to JET Band Boosters into a sealed envelope, labeled “Student Activity Fee”, with your student’s name. Have your student place the envelope in the safe in the band hall.

2. Access your Charms account to pay via credit card.  Go to, click ‘Charms’ option; 

  • The user code will already be entered, then ‘Enter Charms’ to put in your password.  The password will be your child’s ID unless you/your child personally changed the password on the account.  Password resets will not be available until August.
  • Click the red $ icon at top or the Wallet Icon on the bottom.  Your Child’s Misc Financial Ledger will be visible
  • Scroll down and there will be an option to “Make a Misc. Payment”.

All current payments that have been made towards the activity fee are shown as posted to your student’s account.  The corresponding charge for the activity fee will be posted after school starts.  Please email with any questions.

School-owned Instruments

Each student that uses a school instrument is to pay $80 per year, per instrument.  The fee is an annual fee, regardless of the amount of time that the instrument is used.  Payment can be made via check, made out to KISD along with the Maintenance Fee Agreement form, turned in to the band safe in a labeled envelope.  Payment can also be made through Charms > RevTrak with a 2% processing fee. School code is JETaylorBand

Click here for detailed instructions. For questions, please contact Mr. Cabot at JonathanFCabot@KATYISD.ORG.

Friendswood Marching Contest

September 28th

We are seeking someone with an ATV, Mule or Golf Cart that can shuttle water coolers across the HS campus grounds. A small trailer would also be a bonus to help out. Please contact Chris Abel at if you can help.

Meals and snacks for the contest day will be provided as follows:

  • Breakfast at Taylor before loading buses:
    • Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit and fruit cup (No doubles for this meal)
    • Gluten free will have fruit cups (no gluten free option in the morning per CFA)
    • Vegetarians will have a biscuit and fruit cup
    • Peanut Allergy will have a sausage biscuit (grilled chicken not an option in the morning per CFA)
  • Snack – upon arriving at the stadium:
    • Quaker Chewy granola bar variety
      • Peanut free, Gluten free and Soy free options available
    • Powerade for after performance – passed out at buses
  • Dinner – outside at Stadium:
    • Jason’s Deli ham or turkey sandwiches, chips, and cookie
    • Gluten free  – Gluten free bread, chips and gluten free snickerdoodle cookie
    • Vegetarian  – Spinach veggie wrap, chips, cookies
    • Doubles have double meat sandwiches, not two sandwiches
    • All cookies will be nut free
    • All Vegetables will be on the side, with no cheese on the sandwiches      

Please pack additional snacks for your student to have in addition to the food provided. Water will be available to refill their jugs.

Contest Spectator Information

Ticket Prices (Adults)

  • All Day Tickets (Prelims & Finals) : $15.00
  • Preliminary Tickets Only : $10.00
  • Finals Tickets Only : $10.00
  • Children 5 and under are free

Spectator Parking

We have limited parking available on-site in the parking lot next to the Stadium and the lot next to the Natatorium.  These lots will fill up during the Festival.  We have off site spectator parking behind Westwood Elementary (211 Stadium Ln).   We will be running free shuttle buses from 9:15 am until after the Festival from the offsite parking.  The no parking zones around the neighborhood streets of Friendswood High School are strictly enforced.

Click here for 2019 Friendswood Festival Spectator Parking information

Please Read: Volunteer Opportunities

Below are the requests that we have received from the district for volunteers for upcoming marching contests.  Please sign up at the links provided and then add your hours to Helper Helper as a Past Opportunity.  We are following the district procedures rather than using HH directly so that you are connected directly to the organizers for each event.  Please read the requests for each event carefully.  With the exception of BOA (for which we need all hands on deck!) we are requesting parents from specific sections to volunteer for specific events.  

BOA Houston – October 5th

Concessions: The Bands of America Houston Regional Championship is Saturday, October 5th and the Katy ISD Band Boosters are responsible for the concession stand.  This is a major fundraiser and the Katy ISD Band Boosters receive a portion of the concession profits.   These funds directly provide your student with many benefits.  In the past, bands and visitors have had a wonderful experience visiting our great community, all due to the amazing people here in Katy, Texas.  However, none of this would be possible without you.  Based on last year’s Katy Marching Festival we are anticipating about 4,000 customers to visit the concession stand throughout the day.  Please come and volunteer to work at the Katy ISD band booster concession stand and enjoy a great day of bands, meeting new friends, and feeding hungry marchers.  Please help us help your student with this important fundraiser.  Please wear your school colors and comfortable shoes. NO flip flops! Upon arrival at the stadium, please let the attendant know you are a volunteer and they will tell you where to park.  Please contact Edna Rakoski, KHSBBA Vice President at 281-704-2376 or at your earliest convenience for more information. 

*****Our performance time is 9:45 AM and our requested volunteer shift is 12:00-3:00 PM, so there is no conflict with seeing our kids perform!*****


Other volunteer shifts at BOA (non-concession stand):
This is the big request.  They are looking for up to 140 volunteers from across the district.  Getting this done is one of the things that will allow us to keep this event in Katy. Obviously, the burden is shared across all of the Katy high schools, but we need to do our part! Click here to sign up for any shift that you are available to help.

Katy Marching Festival- October 12th     

We are requesting that Woodwind and Percussion parents volunteer for this event.  Click here to sign up for KATY MARCHING FESTIVAL ADULT CONCESSIONS

UIL Marching Contest- October 22nd    

We are responsible for concessions and manning the gate at this contest.  This event takes place on a Tuesday.  We are requesting that the Brass sections and Color Guard parents volunteer for this event.  The specific shifts for this will be added to Helper Helper in the next week or so as we get closer and receive more details.  If you are a parent in those sections, please ensure that you are registered for Helper Helper and mark your calendars now.

5A Area Contest – October 26th  

We will not be performing at this event. In fact, the band will be performing at another event.  We are responsible for managing concessions.  Due to the fact that we are coordinating such a critical task, we will need the whole band to pitch in as much as possible.  The specific shifts for this will be added to Helper Helper in the next couple of weeks as we get closer and receive more details.  In the meantime, please ensure that you are registered for Helper Helper and mark your calendars now.

Click here to register for Helper Helper

Clear Bag Policy

Click here for the Katy ISD clear bag policy that is in effect at football games this year.  Bags are available to purchase with the T-Band logo in our online shop at  To pay by cash or check, include payment in an envelope labeled with student’s name and quantity requested of sling bags or square stadium bags. We also have water bottles and sunglasses available.

Spirit Wear

Orders for hoodies and show shirts are now closed.  All hoodies, whether they were ordered at Money Day or recently, will be delivered at the same time in the next few weeks.  Show shirts will be delivered soon as well.  Contact Melissa Crowder at if there are any issues or questions.

Spirit Stores and JET Band Assistance Fund

We now have new spirit wear options available through two new online shops.  Items in these shops will be shipped directly to you rather than being ordered as part of a group.  These shops will be available throughout the year and 5% of each sale will go to the JET Band Student Assistance Fund to help provide for those students who may have a need for help with meeting the expense of participating in band and guard. Generous alumni parents have offered matching funds for donations to the JET Band Student Assistance Fund.  If you’d like to help, you can donate in any amount by check made out to JET Band Boosters, in an envelope labeled “JET Band Assistance Fund”, dropped into the band safe.


Please be aware that you can see the work of our tireless photographers at any time by visiting the Jet Band website.  Photos are added each week.  Visit, click on “Resources”, from the drop down menu click on “Photos”, on the photos page click on “Shutterfly” and enter the password “JETBandstudents” and you are in.  If you click on pictures, you will see each album by title, click on the title and you will have access to all the photos in that album.  The direct link to the Shutterfly site is

Important Dates


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Marching on,

Shakira Luna
JET Band Booster Organization