JET Band Booster Blast 9/14/20

 Message from Michael Ary, Director of Bands

As I mentioned at our Booster Club meeting the other night: If you are NOT comfortable with your student riding a bus to and from football games this year because of COVID, KISD is allowing you to transport your student to and from games. If you choose this option, you are choosing to transport your student to all games including the away games versus George Ranch HS (Traylor stadium) and Klein Cain HS (Klein Memorial stadium). This transportation option is not an a la carte week-by-week decision; it is for the full duration of the season.  This transportation option is not because your student doesn’t want to ride the bus; it is only because you are not comfortable with your student riding on a bus due to COVID.

If you choose this option, your student will still operate under the band’s timeline.  Your student will not be dismissed from on-campus rehearsals or uniform inspections early, your student will be expected to arrive at the stadium at a prescribed time, and your student will not be allowed to leave the game early.  Some football games may run late due to game injuries or overtimes; if that happens your student will not be dismissed early.  If you are not there to pick-up your student at the conclusion of the game, your student will be placed on a bus and transported back to THS.  If you would like to explore this option, email Mr. Ary at and I will send you a link to a Google Form that was drafted by the KISD legal department. 

Mike Ary
Director of Bands

Message from Jonathan Cabot, Assistant Band Director

We have created the “Instrument Usage Fee” in Charms.  Students may now pay there $80.00 Instrument Usage fee via revtrak/credit card on their Charms account.  If they want to pay with this option, they need to email Mr. Cabot so that he can assign that “bill” to their account.  It has to be pre-assigned, otherwise you won’t see it or be able to pay it in Charms.   Also, students can pay with check or cash.  Checks need to be payable to “Katy ISD”, not JET Band.  Check or cash payments can be given directly to Mr. Cabot or put in the band safe.  Be sure to turn in the KISD Instrument Usage Fee Agreement form (Dropbox) with payment, and put the cash or check in an envelope with your name on it.  Please try to turn in this money at your earliest convenience.  The Fine Arts office would like this done by the end of October. 

Common Questions:

Q:  What if I checked out a marching instrument that I won’t use 2nd semester?

A:  The fee is $80 total, not $40 a semester.  Whether you used it once or all year, that horn needs to be cleaned and maintained through the district repair budget.

Q:  When is this money due? 

A:  As soon as convenient.  We understand there are financial hardships right now.  This is a district fee, so we really have no wiggle room to bargain.  Like textbooks and other school fees, this will need to be paid to receive transcripts and report cards.

Q:  Who do I write the check out to?

A:  Katy ISD.

Q:  Why do I have 2 different $80 fees assigned to me?

A:  You are using 2 different KISD instruments.  Perhaps you are an oboe player, but you are playing in the percussion section for the Fall.  You are using 2 different sets of instruments, and that requires 2 repair fees.

Jon Cabot
Asst. Band Director/Percussion Director
James E. Taylor High School

Message from Shakira Luna, Band Booster President

Football season has finally arrived!  It is time to get rolling and each weekly Blast will be the place to look for weekly details including game day itineraries and other important information.  Ticketing for football games will be very different due to the pandemic.  Be sure to read all your emails so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get pre-sale tickets early in the week as a fine arts parent prior to regular ticket sales opening up.

Money Day is finally here!  Please read the details below very carefully.  We want everyone to arrive in their designated group so that we can minimize unnecessary crowds and maintain social distancing.  Uniform fittings will take place next week. Those details have their own section below as well.  Please mark your calendars!

Please take a look at the new opportunities on Helper Helper.  We are still in need of help for Money Day on Wednesday, chaperones, JET Fuel, and loading crew.  Some opportunities will still be added over the next couple of days.  Thanks in advance to everyone who has already signed up!  Not on Helper Helper?  Register at

We are a more than halfway to our MarchAThon goal!  Let’s keep pushing through the month of September. Please keep sharing the students’ individual pages and encouraging people to donate!  If you have a Linked In profile, sharing the MAT donation page there is a great way to get some visibility for possible corporate sponsorships.  Click here to see all our sponsorship packages.

Whether or not your child has been on the leaderboard for one of our weekly challenges, all students that are part of a section with 100% participation will share in a section prize at the end of the campaign.  That means that all of the students in the section should have at least $50 in donations each.  Be sure to share your student’s individual page so that they get credit.  

We still have several students who do not have any donations.  Simply texting friends and family with the link to their page can bring in small donations.  Every little bit counts!

Issues or corrections needed for a MarchAThon donation made to the wrong page and want to ensure your student gets credit? Click here to complete the credit request form.  Unfortunately, we cannot move or change a donation once it has been submitted.

If you have made a donation in the amount of $150 for a community concert or $200 for an individual concert, don’t forget to complete your concert request at

Themes for Spirit Week

  • Tropical Tuesday (Sept 15) – Hawaiian gear such as tropical shirts, leis, etc.
  • Winter Wednesday (Sept 16) – Santa hats, as well as other wintery things that won’t cause you to overheat
  • Section pride Thursday (Sept 17) – Wear section colors to show your section spirit!

Money Day

Money Day will be this Wednesday, September 16th in the main commons. The only students/parents who need to show up in person are freshman, new students, and those who need to be sized for new marching shoes.  All others will participate through the online ordering link only!  We will send out the Money Day link via Remind on Wednesday.  A response on that link is required of all students, even if they don’t need to order anything!  If you are not coming in person, you will click on the link and follow the directions online, you will still have the opportunity to order items that you may need but don’t require sizing for.  

If you are coming in person (freshmen, new students, and need to be sized for shoes only), you will complete the information while you are going through each station and submit when you get to the cashier station and your order has been checked.  Please arrive according to the following schedule:

Time slotLast name starts with
6-7pmA – G
7-8pmH – M
8-9pmN – Z

In order to minimize crowds and help maintain social distancing, it is important that we stagger arrivals throughout the evening.  The only items that will be physically sized will be the marching shoes and those samples will be sanitized between fittings.  For performance clothes, we will have samples available so that sizes can be assessed visually.  

Payment must be made for all gear items on Wednesday.  The sample gear order forms are here again for reference.  Please ensure that you are prepared to make payment for any items ordered on Money Day so that all gear can be ordered in a timely fashion.  If you have specific questions or concerns about gear, please email .  If you have questions or concerns about payment arrangements, please contact .

Uniform Fittings

The band will not be in full uniform for the first two games of the season.  Attire will be performance shirt and shorts.  If your student does not yet have their performance clothes in time for the first game (we will have a limited amount available to take home on Wednesday), they will wear a Taylor blue shirt and black shorts.

Uniform fittings will begin next Monday with seniors after rehearsal in the band hall.  The remaining schedule will be communicated later this week.  Students should arrive for their fitting with their marching shoes unless they have not yet received them.

Activity Fee

Band Activity Fee payments are now being collected.  The $100 for BOA has been deducted since that trip has been canceled.  The total fee is now $550.  All students are required to pay the activity fee, regardless of in-person or virtual class attendance.

Access your Charms account to pay via credit card.  Go to, click ‘Charms’ option.

  • The user code will already be entered, then ‘Enter Charms’ to put in your password.  The password will be your child’s ID unless you/your child personally changed the password on the account.  Password resets will not be available until August.
  • Click the red $ icon at top or the Wallet Icon on the bottom.  Your Child’s Misc Financial Ledger will be visible
  • Scroll down and there will be an option to “Make a Misc. Payment”.

Please email with any questions.


Our mum sale has begun!  Place your order at this link:

Please tell your friends and share on social media!  Don’t forget about garters for boys and mini-mums for moms and siblings.  We are offering an early bird discount of 10% off when you pay for your order before October 1st!

The ordering process will be a little different this year.  You will complete the online order form then receive an invoice via email once your total has been calculated and any questions have been answered.  Production on your order will start once your invoice has been paid in full.  You can pay your invoice with a few clicks online.

Volunteer Needs

We use the Helper Helper app to manage volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Please visit to register.  Once you receive an email with your temporary password, you will be able to download the Helper Helper app and see open opportunities.  This is a manual process, so you will not receive your password right away.

Every student and parent must register with a unique email address.  The email address will be your username, so if you share an email, you will not have your own account.  We use this system to track membership in the booster organization and track volunteer hours.  It is also a great way for students to keep track of their service hours (great for leadership and scholarship applications).

Here is some additional information on the open positions that are remaining along with contact info for additional questions.  If there is no other contact info provided, please email if you are interested in any of the following opportunities:

Co-Chairs Needed

  • Scrips  (Help to advertise the Scrips program, assist with orders and recordkeeping, and deliver any physical gift card orders- )

Coordinators Needed

  • Spirit Items (Coordinate spirit item ordering and distribution )
  • Concert Uniforms (Measure students for fit and organize distribution of concert uniforms)
  • Marching Uniforms (Measure students for fit and organize distribution of concert uniforms, supervise student uniform crew. )

Used Band Gear 

There is a supply of used band gear that is available to anyone who can make use of those items.  If you are in need of band gear or would like to donate, please email David & Christy Bailey at to make arrangements.


Earn money for your student’s Charms account with money that you had planned to spend anyway!  This is a great way to add money to your student’s account through rebates and lessen your out of pocket band/guard expenses.

Scrips for physical gift cards will be ordered according to the following schedule for the year.

Orders will be placed at 8:00 AM on the following dates:

Order PlacedEstimated Delivery Date
September 28thOctober 2nd
October 26thOctober 30th
November 16thNovember 20th
December 14thDecember 18th
January 25thJanaury 29th
February 22ndFebruary 26th
March 22ndMarch 26th
April 26thApril 30th
May 24thMay 28th

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Fowler .

Spirit Wear/ Items

There are two ways to order spirit items- through or through our band and guard SquadLocker shops.  The items on our website are ordered in bulk and delivered at specific announced times. 

Order your JET Band and Color Guard gear on your own at any time through our SquadLocker shops for delivery directly to your home!  Those orders are individual and will be shipped to your home directly from the manufacturer.


Click here to join the JET Band Booster Facebook page and to stay on top of all current and upcoming events.

Click here to join the JETCG Facebook group and stay on top of color guard and winter guard information.

Click here to keep following the Taylor Band public Facebook page!

Important Dates

Sept 16 Money Day, 6pm & online (see schedule)
Sept 21Uniform fittings begin, 6pm (seniors)
Sept 24Football Game vs. Cy Springs, 6pm at Legacy 

March on and stay safe,

Shakira Luna
JET Band Booster Organization