JET Band Booster Blast 8/23/20

 Message from Michael Ary, Director of Bands

Parents, below is an announcement I posted in your student’s Canvas that talks about protocols for this week and the near future. Please read over this and make sure your student fully comprehends this information.

Make sure you are taking all your attendance quizzes every morning of class. I would create an alarm or calendar notification so that my 7 attendance quizzes are the first thing I do each morning of class. 2nd period is the official attendance that we report to the state for funding so 2nd period HAS to be taken by 8:30am to be counted. Please get in the habit of taking all attendance first thing in the morning. After you have taken your quizzes, you still need to stay engaged in all your classes throughout the day. These quizzes are just how we teachers have been asked to track official attendance. 

Rehearsals this week:

  • Monday 8/24 Brass/Percussion/Guard
  • Tuesday 8/25 Woodwinds/Percussion/Guard
  • Thursday 8/27 Everyone

All rehearsals are 3:30-6pm.

Section Leaders need to report to the field at 3:00 to help. Everyone else arrive in time to complete the symptom check, be verified by a band staff member, and get to your dot by 3:30.

Make sure you are signed up to receive the JET Band Remind texts. If there is inclement weather, if we need to adjust the schedule, if we need to change where you report to for rehearsal, if we need to cancel, we will send out a Remind text. 

Text @jetband20 to 81010 to join the Remind.

When you come to campus for marching band rehearsals this week and until further notice, you will have to take a COVID symptom check via the below Google Form. This form has to be filled out every day you come on campus.  A band staff member will have to verify that you have completed the form and are symptom free before you can enter the practice field each day. When arrive to the field, first thing you will do is find a staff member and verify that we have received your symptom check and you are clear to rehearse that day. Then go set your stuff down and report to your dot.

Click here for the Student Daily Pre-Screening Assessment

It would be helpful if you would just save this link on your phone so you can easily access it each day you are on campus. We will post some QR codes out at the field, if you need to scan it.  If you don’t have a phone, be sure to fill out the form before you come to campus.

While on campus, you must wear a mask at all times.

Bring plenty of water and do not even think about sharing water.

Maintain social distance (6 feet). During rehearsals this isn’t a problem because we keep you spread out by design. It’s before rehearsal, after rehearsal, and during breaks that you let your guard down and breach other’s 6-foot bubble.  To help facilitate social distancing, once you are checked in and have set down your belongings, you will go to your dot on the field and stay there. No more hanging out on the sidelines.  When you set your belongings on the sideline, space them out. Don’t put your belongings within another’s 6-foot bubble. 

Monday and Tuesday afternoons, wind players will not need their instrument. Thursday you will need your marching instrument for rehearsal.

Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be available out at the field. If you need to use them, ask a staff member. We highly encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer and keep it with you so you can sanitize as needed.

Mike Ary
Director of Bands

Message from Shakira Luna, Band Booster President

Looking forward to students safely taking the field to rehearse this week!  Please read through Mr. Ary’s instructions and encourage your students to follow all of the guidelines so that everyone stays as safe as possible.

Please continue to promote our MarchAThon fundraiser.  Be sure to share your student’s individual page so that they get credit.  Each student is encouraged to try to raise at least $50 in donations to help us meet our goal.  This week’s challenge rewards those students who are bringing in as many individual donations as possible.  We know that every little bit, even $5 at a time, helps us to get there.  This week’s challenge will end on Tuesday at 7pm.

Issues or corrections needed for a MarchAThon donation made to the wrong page and want to ensure your student gets credit? Click here to complete the credit request form.  Unfortunately, we cannot move or change a donation once it has been submitted.

We will be selling mums online this year.  Mums and garters (and mini-mums for Mom!) are a great keepsake regardless of what happens with Homecoming this year.  The link to the online order form for mums will be shared in a special email blast and on all of our social media on Wednesday.  You will have the option to buy a kit to make at home or order a complete custom mum or garter.

Activity Fee

Band Activity Fee payments are now being collected.  If we need to make adjustments to the fee based on canceled activities, those adjustments will be made to the last scheduled payment or two in September/October.  All students are required to pay the activity fee, regardless of in-person or virtual class attendance.

Access your Charms account to pay via credit card.  Go to, click ‘Charms’ option; 

  • The user code will already be entered, then ‘Enter Charms’ to put in your password.  The password will be your child’s ID unless you/your child personally changed the password on the account.  Password resets will not be available until August.
  • Click the red $ icon at top or the Wallet Icon on the bottom.  Your Child’s Misc Financial Ledger will be visible
  • Scroll down and there will be an option to “Make a Misc. Payment”.

If you haven’t begun making payments, don’t worry.  You can pay in full at any time before October 1st or catch up to the payment plan now.  We ask that all students begin to make payments toward the activity fee as soon as possible so that funds are available for current expenses.

Please email with any questions.

Volunteer Needs

We use the Helper Helper app to manage volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Please visit to register.  Once you receive an email with your temporary password, you will be able to download the Helper Helper app and see open opportunities.  This is a manual process, so you will not receive your password right away.

Every student and parent must register with a unique email address.  The email address will be your username, so if you share an email, you will not have your own account.  We use this system to track membership in the booster organization and track volunteer hours.  It is also a great way for students to keep track of their service hours (great for leadership and scholarship applications).

Here is some additional information on the open positions that are remaining along with contact info for additional questions.  If there is no other contact info provided, please email if you are interested in any of the following opportunities:

Co-Chairs Needed

  • JET Fuel – Game Day  (Help serve group meals on football game days and clean up after the meal- )
  • Scrips  (Help to advertise the Scrips program, assist with orders and recordkeeping, and deliver any physical gift card orders- )

Coordinators Needed

  • Spirit Items (Coordinate spirit item ordering and distribution )
  • Concert Uniforms (Measure students for fit and organize distribution of concert uniforms)
  • Marching Uniforms (Measure students for fit and organize distribution of concert uniforms, supervise student uniform crew. )

Used Band Gear 

There is a supply of used band gear that is available to anyone who can make use of those items.  If you are in need of band gear or would like to donate, please email David & Christy Bailey at to make arrangements.

Money Day

Money Day will be held virtually this year. Specific details including the links for online gear ordering will be included as soon as we have a firm date and have details worked out for how we are able to proceed.  In the meantime, please use the paper forms posted in the Facebook group as a checklist and for planning purposes. 

Money Day is tied to confirming what football season will look like.  Once we have a conformed schedule, we can plan for when we will need to order our gear.  We hope to have dates for Money Day very soon!


Earn money for your student’s Charms account with money that you had planned to spend anyway!  This is a great way to add money to your student’s account through rebates and lessen your out of pocket band/guard expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Fowler .

Spirit Wear/ Items

There are two ways to order spirit items- through or through our band and guard SquadLocker shops.  The items on our website are ordered in bulk and delivered at specific announced times. 

Order your JET Band and Color Guard gear on your own at any time through our SquadLocker shops for delivery directly to your home!  Those orders are individual and will be shipped to your home directly from the manufacturer.


Click here to join the JET Band Booster Facebook page and to stay on top of all current and upcoming events.

Click here to join the JETCG Facebook group and stay on top of color guard and winter guard information.

Click here to keep following the Taylor Band public Facebook page!

Important Dates

  • After-school rehearsals begin – August 24th 
  • MarchAThon Fundraiser Week 2 Challenge Ends – August 25th, 7pm 
  • General Booster Mtg –  September 8th, 7pm
  • MarchAThon Fundraiser Ends – September 8th

March on and stay safe,

Shakira Luna
JET Band Booster Organization