JET Band Booster Blast 7/9/19

Message from Shakira Luna, Band Booster President

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and taking a well-deserved break from school commitments.  Please read your Band Blast each week as we will provide updates and information to ensure that everyone is ready for summer band.

Thank you to those parents who have joined our JET Band Boosters group on Facebook.  It is a great place to ask questions and get information in a way that is more interactive than email and other social media. 

We still have a few committee chair/coordinator positions available for anyone who would like to step up to a greater level of involvement. Click here to see the full 2019-20 JET Band Booster Board.  Please contact me at if you are interested or have questions!

  • Garage Sale
  • Grocery Rebates
  • Student Fundraising
  • Yard Signs

Finally – Congratulations to all of the students who were named to the student leadership team for the JET Band and Color Guard! Don’t forget to sign up for the Dr. Tim Leadership Workshop which is required for student leaders and encouraged for those aspiring to lead.

Click here to register and pay for the workshop as a JET Band student

Band Activity Fee

Band Activity Fee payments are now being collected.  Following the payment schedule, there are two ways to pay over the summer:

1. Take cash/check to the front office (there is a collection box at the front desk) when it is open, and place in the collection box OR mail to:

JET Band Boosters 
ATTN: Treasurer
20700 Kingsland Blvd
Katy, TX  77450

2. Access your Charms account to pay via credit card.  Go to, click ‘Charms’ option; 

  • The user code will already be entered, then ‘Enter Charms’ to put in your password.  The password will be your child’s ID unless you/your child personally changed the password on the account.  Password resets will not be available until August.
  • Click the red $ icon at top or the Wallet Icon on the bottom.  Your Child’s Misc Financial Ledger will be visible
  • Scroll down and there will be an option to “Make a Misc. Payment”.

Credit card charges will show as a credit in your ledger until the Activity Fee is officially billed in July/August on your child Charms account.  You will not need to make a Transfer Request for Activity Fee.  Transfer Money Requests can be used for any credits after Activity Fee is paid in full for any other band fees/purchases.

If you haven’t begun making payments, don’t worry.  You can pay in full at any time before October 1st or catch up to the payment plan now.  We ask that all students begin to make payments toward the activity fee as soon as possible so that funds are available for current expenses.

Please email with any questions.

Helper Helper

We are introducing a new way to communicate volunteer opportunities and track volunteer hours worked throughout the year.  We will be using the Helper Helper platform which provides a website and mobile app for accessing opportunities and streamlines the signup process when volunteering. 

We need each student and each parent to submit a separate formso that each person has their own access to Helper Helper and we can track volunteer hours individually. 

If you are a committee chair, please be aware that the email and cell phone information collected on the form will be used to set up the email forward that is your official contact information for coordinating volunteer responsibilities.

To get started, we need each student and parent to click here to register. The link is easy to access and remember:

Should take just a few minutes. Please send any questions to

If you have already completed your registration form, check your email for directions to download the Helper Helper app.  Your email should contain a temporary password that you will use to log in the first time.

Summer Band Meals

Daily meals for summer band will be offered by Project Grad.  At this time, they are not yet taking orders.  As soon as that information becomes available, we will share it via email and in the FaceBook group.

Used Band Gear Donation Box

We are in need of restocking our used band gear.  The donation box is in the foyer in front of the main office this summer.  Please drop off all donated band items in the box during the day, Monday to Thursday. This includes performance shirts, shorts, gloves, socks, shoes, hoodies, garment bags, duffle bags, water jugs, ponchos, t-shirts, flip folders, lyres, tuners, etc.  If you are in need of band gear, please email David & Christy Bailey at

Parent Meeting/ Band Booster Kickoff

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming parent meeting and band booster kickoff which will take place on Monday, July 22 at 7:00pm.  If you have registered for Helper Helper, you will notice the meeting as one of the opportunities that you can select.  This is the easiest way to let us know that you will attend, as well as start accumulating volunteer hours.

Mum Volunteers Needed

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Prep work is starting already for this fall’s Homecoming mum season. NO EXPERIENCE needed. (We are just measuring and stapling ribbon.) Please come join us in the downstairs mum room. Email Liz Laconis at if you’re new or not sure where we meet. Everyone’s welcome!!!

Join CrossFit sessions

This week tand all of next week, anyone can come to CrossFit from 9:15-10:00 am and get a good workout before band camp starts. All they have to do is bring $20. Parents also need to sign a waiver and the coach has waivers at the place, so parents please come in on the first day they go.

Address: CrossFit GonzStrong at 1430 Vander Wilt Lane Katy, TX 77449

Money Day

Please mark your calendars for Money Day which will take place over the two-day period of July 31stand August 1st starting at 5pm each day.  Students are required to attend on one of the days with a parent and show any required gear that they currently own.  If they are missing any required items, orders are placed at that time. Sample gear forms for planning purposes can be seen here for band and for color guard members. Samples will be available to try on for sizing. Forms for students with special dietary needs for game day and contest meals will be available to turn in at that time as well.  We will need volunteers to help with sizing as well as cashiers to check out students.  Those volunteer opportunities will be added to Helper Helper soon.  

Important Dates

  • July 15 to 17 – Color Guard Camp
  • July 18 & 19 – System Blue Camp
  • July 22 Parent Meeting/ Band Booster Kickoff, 7pm
  • July 23 First Day of Summer Band, 8am
  • July 31/August 1 Money Day
  • August 3 – Dr. Tim Leadership Workshop
  • August 17 – March-A-Thon 2019!


Click here to join the JET Band Booster Facebook page and to stay on top of all current and upcoming events.

Click here to keep following the Taylor Band public Facebook page!

Acclimate to the heat and hydrate, summer band is almost here…

Shakira Luna
JET Band Booster Organization