JET Band Booster Blast 4/28/20

Message from Michael Ary, Director of Bands

As you may have seen in last week’s THS E-news and then a retraction of that news, Mr. Morgan is trying to set up times so that band and other students in activities can return uniforms and equipment that won’t be needed over the summer and give us one more opportunity to check out anything that is currently needed. 

What we need from you right now is to fill out the following Google Form:

We need to know how many students have items to return and how many have items needed to pick up. Then once Mr. Morgan’s plan is approved, we’ll set up a sign-up genius or something to assign times so that we can maintain social distancing.

Seniors should return any JET Band equipment at this time.  I believe pretty much everyone has their concert uniform at home and needs to return that.  There are a few students that didn’t attend any of the pick-up days we had last month, so they still need to pick up their equipment.  We are hoping students will be able to enter the building this time, so Seniors probably should come quickly clean out their lockers during our time next week.

This most likely won’t be the only pick-up/drop-off time we have before summer.  If F Horn players would like to come get their mellophones to use when working on the marching music, this would be a good time to do so. But we aren’t ready to check out all the marching instruments to everyone right now. If you have a concert horn that you can use on the marching music, then keep using that.

Later, we’ll have to set up a date for the current 8th graders to get their high school instruments for the summer. At that time, we’ll get the rest of the marching instruments checked out.

If you don’t have anything that needs to be returned at this time, they are asking that you wait until later. This opportunity will not be any social time. It’s strict get in and get out. Per Harris County and KISD, student will have to wear a facemask to come on campus.

Once the KISD lawyer approves Mr Morgan’s plan and I get some data on how many students need to come on campus to pick up or drop off, I’ll send out more details and how we’ll sign up.

Michael Ary
Director of Bands

Message from Shakira Luna, Band Booster President

We are finalizing our budget for next year as well as trying to fill vacant volunteer roles.  We definitely need to hear from more of you who led teams this year!  If you have held a team leader position this year, or you were primarily responsible for some event or activity, please click here to complete the JET Band Leader Survey as soon as you can.  I will use this information to help guide us as we fill positions for next year and your feedback is essential.  This is particularly important if you are a graduating senior parent!  Thank you to those of you who have already provided your feedback.

We need you!! If you are interested in stepping forward and taking on more of a role as a volunteer and you are new to leadership, please complete the JET Band New Leader Interest Form. Completing the form will help me to streamline the collection of information that we need to get you plugged in and connected with your team.  I would prefer to only reach out to people who have volunteered themselves, so please don’t be shy about stepping forward!

Virtual Banquets

There are new dates for both the band and winter guard virtual banquets.  Join links will be sent separately.  Mark your calendars:

  • 2020 JET Band Virtual Banquet- Friday, May 8th at 7pm
  • 2020 Winter Guard Virtual Banquet- Saturday, May 9th at 7pm


With the end of the school year approaching, and the kids not going back to school, delivering teacher gifts or graduation gifts might seem difficult.  Scrips offers e-gift certificates for many of the vendors they support and you can send the e-gift certificate to the recipient’s email.  You are able to tell them Thank You for all they have done this year or Congratulations to someone that you care about with a gift card attached.  Earn money for your student’s Charms account with money that you had planned to spend anyway!

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Fowler .


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Play on and stay safe,

Shakira Luna
JET Band Booster Organization