Get (cross)fit this summer!

Does your student want/need to be in better shape and have the physical skills and coordination necessary to be an excellent marcher? New this summer is an optional CrossFit camp to help our students get/stay in shape, get acclimated to the summer heat, and be physically ready to hit the pavement when summer band starts.

CrossFit Camp Details

  • 8-week or 4-week camps available
  • Location: CrossFit GonzStrong box (In CrossFit lingo that means the gym), or the band parking lot depending on turnout.
  • Three days a week – Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 9:15-10am.
  • Every class is taught by a certified CrossFit trainer.

We chose this schedule to leave summer weekends available for travel and vacations.  Parents of students enrolled are welcome to join the classes for FREE. Several of our band students are already working out at the CrossFit box after school and there are a few band parents that are members. Brooke Gonzalez, the owner, is a former KISD teacher and coach. If you have any questions directly related to this summer camp, you may contact Brooke via the links on the Eventbrite page. Also please note the map on the Eventbrite page is incorrect; CrossFit Gonzstrong isn’t located north on Mason, it’s in the industrial park at I-10 & Westgreen behind Spring Creek BBQ.