Scrip Cards

If you haven’t yet gotten into the “scrip habit,” now is a good time to sign up! This fundraiser is very effective in helping build up those trip accounts, especially if you use it regularly to pay for things you are buying anyway, like groceries and gas!

To enroll or ask any questions, e-mail Scrip Cards Coordinator, Amy Fowler at

Scrip is an ongoing Band Booster fundraiser.  Band Booster members can help support the band and contribute to their child’s band trip account without spending any additional money.  You just have to change the way you pay for purchases.  Instead of paying with your credit card, cash or check, you buy the Scrip Card for a specific retailer in advance and then make your purchases with it.  You can shop at retailers you usually patronize and spend what you normally do.

See more details here on Show With Scrip.

Parents will purchase “Scrip” (similar to gift cards or gift certificates) from the Band Boosters for the face value of the card and spend it with retailers where they get credit for the full face value.

The Band Boosters receive a discount from the retailers at the time the purchase of the Scrip Card is made.  For example, you buy a $100 Randall’s gift card through the Scrip program, you pay $100 for it, and it is worth $100 when you use it to shop at Randall’s.  The Boosters get a 9% discount on the card, and the $9 saved is applied 100% to your child’s band trip account.  The discount varies by retailer, so check the Scrip retailer list for that rate.  Some retailers also run  “specials” from time to time where cards purchased that month will have a higher discount rate than normal.

Check the list of retailers you can purchase Scrip Cards for.

The Scrip Card Coordinator will produce a monthly schedule to purchase them.

Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser project. While you may be accustomed to fundraisers that focus on the sale of specific items for a short period of time and have a defined end date, this program will continue throughout the year. It may take some initial effort to develop the habit of ordering your Scrip every month, but once you get in a routine of ordering and using Scrip cards, the process should be quite easy.

If you use Scrip regularly for grocery purchases, when you go Christmas shopping, buy gift cards, buy school clothes and shoes, or make large purchases, the dollars will definitely start to add up in your child’s trip account.

If you wish to enroll, email our Scrip Card Coordinator, Amy Fowler at Orders for the cards are placed every 2 weeks.


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