JET Band Booster Blast 5/28/19

Message from Mike Ary, Director of Bands

A good summer opportunity we are offering again is the System Blue Leadership Camp hosted by the 18-time world champion Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps from Concord, CA. This is a great opportunity for our students to work alongside and learn from the best of the best of the best as we are about to head into our own summer marching band camp. Since we are hosting the drum corps, our students get a huge discount on their registration fee. Click here for more information on System Blue camp. 

Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School
Katy, TX

Message from Spencer Bennett, Band Booster Outgoing President

Summer is here!  I only have a few items to mention and then I will sign off for the year.  My duties as President end on May 31st and Shakira Luna will take the gavel on June 1st.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your president. Being a part of such a fantastic Booster organization has truly been one of my greatest experiences.  Jenny and I have forged great friendships with so many of you and look forward to the first March-A-Thon stop at Randall’s this next season!  

You will be in great hands with Shakira Luna stepping in as President and the Executive Board is set to continue the great tradition of excellence.  Your volunteering of time and money is for the betterment of all our students.  JET Band and its Booster parents are the best in the nation!

Message from Sharon Mitchell, Band Booster Outgoing Treasurer

It’s a been a pleasure serving as the JET Band Treasurer these last 3 years and I will miss being a part of this great community of students and parents.  I wish our wonderful Band the best of luck this upcoming fall season, and many thanks to Nichele Adeogun for volunteering as your next Treasurer.  

Band Activity Fee

Band Activity Fee Payments are now being collected.  Following the payment schedule, there are two ways to pay over the summer:

1. Take cash/check to the front office (there is a collection box at the front desk) when it is open, and place in the collection box OR mail to:

JET Band Boosters 
ATTN: Treasurer
20700 Kingsland Blvd
Katy, TX  77450

2. Access your Charms account to pay via credit card.  Go to, click ‘Charms’ option; 

  • The user code will already be entered, then ‘Enter Charms’ to put in your password.  The password will be your child’s ID unless you/your child personally changed the password on the account.  Password resets will not be available until August.
  • Click the red $ icon at top or the Wallet Icon on the bottom.  Your Child’s Misc Financial Ledger will be visible
  • Scroll down and there will be an option to “Make a Misc. Payment”.

Credit card charges will show as a credit in your ledger until the Activity Fee is officially billed in July/August on your child Charms account.  You will not need to make a Transfer Request for Activity Fee.  Transfer Money Requests can be used for any credits after Activity Fee is paid in full for any other band fees/purchases

Any questions, email

Helper Helper

To reaffirm, we are introducing a new way to communicate volunteer opportunities and track volunteer hours worked throughout the year.  We will be using the Helper Helper platform which provides a website and mobile app for accessing opportunities and streamlines the signup process when volunteering.  To get started, we need each student and parent to click here to register.

There are 3 steps:

  1. Select your class year team (Parent for each year that you have a student in or if a student, just the Student year that you are in)
  2. Choose your section (Parents choose each section that you have a child in)
  3. Select the volunteer opportunities that you are interested in (Choose as many as you would like, this is not a binding agreement, simply an indication of interest)

That’s it!  Should take just a few minutes.  Send any questions to Shakira Luna at


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Signing Off….

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization