JET Band Booster Blast 12/3/18

Message from Mike Ary, Director of Bands

Congratulations to the following students for making Region Band:

  • Eric Wang – 1st chair flute Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Lenna Wigger – 4th chair flute Wind Ensemble, advance to Area
  • Sunny Tang – 2nd chair oboe Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Ellen Sarre – 7th chair clarinet Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Isaiah Murdick – 2nd chair clarinet Symphonic Winds
  • Angela Guan – 4th chair clarinet Symphonic Winds
  • William Stroud – 1st chair alto sax Symphonic Winds
  • Joseph Thang – 2nd chair alto Symphonic Winds
  • Andrew Simpson – 1st chair tenor sax Symphonic Winds, advanced to Area
  • Hayden Pope – 1st chair bari sax Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Rebecca Bailey – 2nd chair horn Symphonic Winds
  • Lorrel O’Neill – 4th chair horn Symphonic Winds
  • Daniel Nugroho – 7th chair trombone Wind Ensemble
  • Shelby Burton – 2nd chair euphonium Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Patrick Abel – 1st chair euphonium Symphonic Winds
  • Jackson Roberts – 2nd chair tuba Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • John Lu – 3rd chair tuba Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Austin Brown – 6th chair percussion Wind Ensemble, advanced to Area
  • Thomas Masha – 4th chair percussion Symphonic Winds
  • Nia Adeogun – 6th chair flute Freshmen Band
  • Sayaka Takahashi – 7th chair flute Freshmen Band
  • Adriana Tigner – 6th chair clarinet Freshmen Band
  • Bryan Fowler – 2nd chair alto sax Freshmen Band
  • Shayne Surawijaya – 3rd chair trumpet Freshmen Band
  • Timothy Minor – 1st chair trombone Freshmen Band
  • Jay Motoux – 3rd chair percussion Freshmen Band
  • Tanmay Nair – 4th chair percussion Freshmen Band
  • Amir Srouji – 6th chair percussion Freshmen Band

Information about the January clinic and concert is included in the music folder that these students received in class today.

Our December Holiday Concert is next Monday evening starting at 7pm here in our PAC.  Students from all 5 concert bands will be performing holiday and other music.  We will start with the JV Band at 7pm and stack the bands one after another.  Students will be wearing their formal concert attire that they are being fitted for today and tomorrow after school.  They can accessorize their concert dress with festival holiday attire.

Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School
Katy, TX

Message from Spencer Bennett, Band Booster President

Hey everyone!  Heading into December and we have a full month of great events and fun planned for everyone.  Please continue to make every effort to support the JET Band!

Important Dates to remember:

  • December 3rd – Spirit Night at 1000 Degree Pizza, 5pm – 9pm >>Come support and don’t forget to mention JET Band!
  • December 4th – Holiday MAT Jingle Tour meeting, 7pm in the band hall.
  • December 5th – Spirit Night at La Finca on Mason.  >>Bring your family and friends and don’t forget to mention JET Band!
  • December 10th – JET Band Jingle in PAC.
  • December 12th – THSSO Concert in PAC.
  • December 15th – JET Band Jingle Tour 2-4pm in GreenTrails Subdivision. Map and concert request form can be found at
  • December 15th – Bennett Booster Christmas Party 7pm, BYOB & Pot Luck (please RSVP)
  • December 16th – Garage Sale Drop-off, 3-5pm (Garage Sale details)
  • December 24th thru Jan 7th – Winter break!
  • January 8th – General Booster Meeting 7pm.
  • January 16th – Spirit Night at iRace, 6pm – 9pm >>Come support and don’t forget to mention JET Band!
  • January 20th – Garage Sale Drop-off 3-5pm (Garage Sale details)

Important Concert Uniform Information



  • Girls will be fitted for their dress.  They will need to provide their own black shoes and black socks/stockings.  Girls need to wear flats, marching shoes, boots or very low heel shoes.  NO HIGH HEELS!
  • Boys will be fitted for their jacket and pants in the band hallway.  They will need to provide their own black shoes (nice marching shoes or dress shoes), dress socks, their tux shirt, tie, cummerbund (last 3 items are purchased at Al’s Formal Wear).
    • Boys will be gear checked for the shirt/tie/cummerbund so please bring those along with the garment bag.
    • New students who are in need of the shirt/tie/cummerbund combo, must be fitted at Al’s Formal Wear on Katy Freeway (in front of Lowe’s) by Dec. 4.  Say you are with Taylor Band.  Payment for $29 is due in the band safe – you do not pay Al’s.  We will deliver the packages during class.  Just let us as know you were fitted at AL’s during your Jacket/Pant fitting.
    • Only need one piece of the set?  You may purchase these directly and separately at Al’s.

Email with any questions.

JET Band Jingle on the 10th in the PAC

Bring your checkbooks/cash to help support the JET Band with:

  • Jingle Raffle:  Special items will be available for a raffle.  If you are interested in donating an item to the raffle, please e-mail Kristin Abel at
  • Bake Sale:  Color Guard will be providing a bake sale.
  • Wreaths:  We are excited to announce an awesome fundraiser coming from our very own Indoor Drumline’s upcoming season!  We will be making holiday wreaths ready for purchase at our JET Band Jingle (in the PAC) AND our Holiday Jingle Tour (at Green Trails marching tour)!  The wreaths will be Christmas whimsy themed, traditional Christmas, Golden Christmas, Taylor Themed and many more!!  Come ready to support our Drumline and make your holidays bright with a wreath!!!

JET Band Jingle Tour

Just when you thought marching season was over, the JET Band and Color Guard has one more event!

The first ever JET Band Jingle Tour!  The JET Band will march in Green Trails on Saturday, December 15th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm, ending with a holiday concert in Crescent Green Park, including refreshments and pictures with Santa!

Support Project Grad Events

Message from Claudia Tucci, Project Grad President

SENIOR PARENTS – Please come out and Support one of our biggest Fundraisers for Project Grad!!

  • Holiday Home Tour!  Home tour needs volunteers please follow the link to sign up:
  • Also, every Monday is Minuti Monday so stop by for a cup a coffee or tea and mention Taylor High School Project Grad!!!!
  • Don’t forget to visit the 2019 Project Grad FB page and website:
  • Taylor School Ornaments: Support Project Grad with purchasing “Katy Strong” Taylor glass ornaments.  These can be purchased at the school front desk.  Click here to view the ornaments.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Tucci at

Spirit Wear

If you ordered a STATE shirt and haven’t picked it up yet, it’s probably in the Band Hall labeled with your name.

Vintage Band Shirts available

Vintage Show shirts and T-Band shirts for sale. Click here for a list of the available items and prices.  First come, first serve! Email to order and/or put a check/cash in envelope with name, shirt, and size in the band safe.

Volunteer Hours

Please email your hours for the month of November to by Dec. 7th.  Thanks!

New! Memory Book coming in Spring!

We are currently in the works of JET BAND making its own Memory Book/Yearbook for our 2018-2019 season! It will be anywhere from 50-75 pages of all band and color guard students and events.  More information will come out in the next couple months so please keep an eye out for it.  We hope to have every band and color guard student in the book while highlighting all the events, concerts, and contest for the fall and spring semesters.

If you are interested in being part of putting the yearbook together, please contact Sharon Mitchell at

Mattress Fundraiser

Coming up on March the 3rd the JET Band is pleased to host a one of a kind fundraising event. This event was VERY successful for us the first year we did it.  We are excited to bring it back for the 2nd time for family, friends, and neighbors to help support the JET Band.

I am very excited about this fundraiser for many reasons:

  • The kids do not have to sell anything!
  • The kids do not have to collect money or be responsible for distribution!
  • We will raise several thousand dollars in a one-day event!
  • This costs us nothing!
  • The company runs the event! (
  • The mattresses are brand name and priced up to 50% less than retail!
  • The kids can earn “personal referral” incentives!

EACH student is responsible to:

  • Find at least one referral to come in and check out the sale. (Did you realize 1 in 10 families buy a new mattress every year? – BE SURE TO TALK TO AT LEAST TEN FAMILIES!)
  • Hand out your referral flyers to people you know.
  • Print your name on the coupon at the bottom, so you get credit!
  • Be at the school on Sunday, March 3, 2019 to help promote the event and have FUN!

Sale Info:

  • Sunday, March 3, 2019, JET – 20700 Kingsland Blvd. – 10AM-5PM.
  • There will be Simmons, Beautyrest, Restonic and Malouf brand products on display.
  • Twin from $199, Full from $249, Queen from $299, King /CA-King from $499.
  • All sizes, all styles and name brand sets are available up to 50% below retail.
  • There will be a showroom set up with 20+ displays and a team of experts to assist.
  • Layaway & delivery are available.

Please help spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers!  We want this to be another great fundraiser the JET Band!


Let me know if there are any questions!  I’m here to help.

Play On….

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization