JET Band Booster Blast 10/30/18

Message from Mike Ary

We now have more details for our UIL SMC itinerary.  We are now leaving a few hours later so we get a bit time to recharge!  We have found a rehearsal site for Sunday evening.  Unfortunately our travel agent could not find enough rooms in a single hotel for us so we are split between two hotels that are about 4 miles apart.  We are still working out the meals with the travel agent, but I do know that KISD is paying for the students’ food.  Below the itinerary is more info about medication, luggage and packing, and our overnight travel rules.

Sunday, November 4th
  • Eat lunch before arriving on campus
  • 2:00pm Inspections
  • 2:30pm Load buses
  • 3:00pm Depart THS
  • 5:30pm Arrive at Judson HS 9142 FM78, Converse, TX 78109
  • Eat, unload, Rehearse
  • 9:00pm check-in to hotels for the night
    • Boys:  Aloft San Antonio Airport 838 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78216
    • Girls:  Springhill Suites Marriott San Antonio Medical Center Northwest, 3636 NW Loop 410 San Antonio, TX  78201
 Monday, November 5th
  • 5:30am wake-up, breakfast at hotel
  • 7:00am depart hotel in uniform
  • 7:30am arrive at dome
  • 7:40am unload truck at dome
  • 8:40am warm-up
  • 9:45am UIL SMC preliminary performance
  • 10:15am load truck, change
  • 12:00pm eat lunch
  • Watch bands for the rest of the day
  • 5:00pm eat dinner
  • Continue watching bands
  • 9:15pm announcement of bands advancing to Tuesday’s finals
  • 10:00pm back to hotels for the night.  We will stay Monday night no matter if we advance or not.
Tuesday, November 6th

If we don’t advance, we’ll sleep in a bit.  Check out of the hotel and be back to Katy around the end of the school day.


If you need to travel with medicine, you must turn in the completed KISD 0ff-campus medication form (found under Forms in Charms).  Friday morning when you turn in your form, please turn in the medicine (in its original container) and the completed form and put them all in a Ziploc bag with your student’s name written on the outside.

We have to collect the form and the medicine at the same time. The only forms that should be turned in now without any medicine would be if you are just turning in a form for us to be able to give something like Tylenol, since we don’t need to carry 100 different bottles of Tylenol with us.

  • Guys will turn in their forms and medication to Mr. Weingartner.
  • Girls will turn in their forms and medication to Mr. Cabot.

Luggage & Packing

Please pack in the smallest luggage you can.  We have to fit everyone’s luggage, garment bags, and shako boxes under the bus.  If everyone brings their largest suitcase, we won’t be able to fit everything.  You should be able to fit everything in a duffle bag or carry-on size suitcase.  Friday on the bus the students will be wearing their blue performance shirt, black shorts, black socks and shoes.  I would advise bringing a sweatshirt as the bus air can get quite cold.  I would also bring a pillow and light blanket so you can rest on the bus.  You’ll need to pack something to sleep in Friday night.  Saturday you can wear your new Booster provided State t-shirt; you’ll just have to pack your performance gear in your duffle bag so that we can easily access it if we advance to Finals.  Then when you repack Saturday night/Sunday morning for round two, on Sunday wear something comfortable on the bus that you can rehearse in since we’ll be heading straight to a rehearsal when we get into town.  Pack something to sleep in Sunday night and Monday night.  Monday we’ll leave the hotel in uniform so you’ll have on your performance gear.  After we perform Monday, you can change into comfortable school-appropriate attire for the rest of the day.  Tuesday we’ll either be preparing to perform again, or getting on the bus to head home so at some point you’ll need something comfortable to wear home.  You can pack a few snacks for the bus rides, just don’t go overboard because you don’t have that much room around your bus seat.  You must have your water jug on this trip and you need must keep it filled so you stay hydrated.

Stadium Bag Policy

The Alamodome has a strict clear bag policy that is enforced at all spectator entrances. Click here to read the policy.

Overnight Trip Rules

Below are some overnight trip rules that we will be going over with the students this week:

  • Be respectful of each other and especially all adults.
  • Represent this school, this band and this community at all times.  Be nice!
  • All school rules apply during the entire trip.  The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or drugs will have you immediately sent home and referred to your principal.
  • Break the law, you will be turned over to the police and your parents will have to come get you from the police dept.
  • You damage anything, you pay.  Do not rearrange hotel room furniture.
  • You must stay with the group at all times.  At the hotel, stay at the hotel.  At the mall, stay inside the mall.  Do not wander off from the group.
  • Check the weather forecast so you dress appropriately.
  • Never travel by yourself, always take a partner.
  • No PDA.
  • At hotel, be quiet.  No running.  Don’t put security bar in the door to keep it open.
  • No boys in girls rooms, no girls in boys rooms.
  • No outside calls from room phone, no pay movies, no room service.  You cannot charge anything to room.
  • Once taped-in, cannot leave room.  If you have an emergency, call your chaperone.
  • Remain quiet inside hotel, after one warning you will call home and explain why.
  • At checkout, a chaperone will check your room and make sure it’s as you found it so clean up after yourself and put things back.

Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School
Katy, TX

Message from Spencer Bennett, JET Band President

STATE STATE STATE!!!  We are so VERY proud of our students and staff for this AMAZING achievement!   The Booster Club is covering the cost for every student to receive a special “STATE” t-shirt that is currently being designed and ordered!  Your student was given an order form today and it must be turned in no later than Thursday, November 1 before school starts, in the band hall in order to have the shirts on Friday.  Every student must turn in a form with the size they need. Again, there is NO COST for the student shirt!

If you, the parents, would like to have a t-shirt, the cost will be $10 and your sizes need to be included on the order form and turned in, again, NO LATER than THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 before school starts, in the band hall!

The Booster Club is proud to be able to provide these shirts for our students! Click here to access the order form the State t-shirts.

Our plan is to hand out the students shirts Friday in the band hall prior to them boarding the buses.  Parents can pick theirs up then or wait till 4pm at Pittman Sullivan Park (1101 Iowa, San Antonio, TX  78203) where the band will have dinner prior to arriving at the Alamodome. A friendly reminder that Daylight Saving Time ends on Saturday night, so we’ll be gaining that precious hour of sleep before leaving for UIL!

Hope everyone can make both events!

March On….to STATE!

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization