JET Band Booster Blast 9/16/18

Message from Mike Ary, JET Band Director

Schedule this week: Rehearsals Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 3:30.  Friday another away football game this time down in Dickinson.  Follow the link to the itinerary: Dickinson Itinerary

Looking ahead, we have made a couple slight modifications to our rehearsal schedules.  We need to get into the stadium to rehearse the students on turf and for us to set volumes with all of our electronics.

  • Saturday, September 29th – We are going to rehearse in Rhodes from 1:30-3:30pm, then eat dinner at Rhodes, then head over to Legacy for our 6pm football game.
  • Saturday, October 6th – We are going to rehearse in Legacy from 9:30-10:30am, then eat at Legacy, and then head up to Conroe for the BOA contest.

Both of these Saturdays we will start the day here at THS with inspections, then bus over the stadium.  UIL always gives us an hour of extra warm-up/rehearsal time before performances.  The October 6th rehearsal will be our regular one-hour pre-performance rehearsal.  Since Sept 29 is two hours, we take away an hour of rehearsal somewhere earlier that week so we have our regular 8 hours plus the one extra hour.  I just don’t want to make the call of which day we’ll cut shorter right now because the weather may dictate that for us.


Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School
Katy, TX

Message from Spencer Bennett, JET Band President

Howdy!  Another great performance from our band and color guard at Deer Park!  It truly amazes me how quickly these students can learn such an intricate show and put it on the field within a few days.

Important Dates

  • September 17th – MUM sales start
  • September 21st – Football Game at Dickinson – Dickinson HS (Dickinson Itinerary)
  • September 25th – Region Jazz Auditions
  • September 29th – Football Game vs. Morton Ranch at Legacy
  • October 2nd – General Booster Meeting
  • October 5th – Football Game at Seven Lakes
  • October 6th – BOA Conroe
  • October 19th – Homecoming vs. Mayde Creek at Legacy

JET Band Mum Mania is about to begin!

Sales start September 17th.  Get 10% off when ordered by September 25th.  Homecoming is October 19th.

  • JET Band Mum & Garter sales are important as it is our 2nd largest fundraiser.  Along with a big fundraiser, we need your help making and selling mums.  The more orders we are able to take, the more lucrative the fundraiser!
  • Mum sales require no crafting knowledge and require only a few hours of your time out of the day.  You will help the kids navigate the form, answer questions, and take payments.  Don’t worry, we will give you the information you need.
  • Follow the link to sign up for Mum Sales:  Mum Sign-up
  • Donations:  If you have any ribbon to donate in ANY color, we would love to have it.  We are in special need of gold, silver, royal blue and colors from other KISD schools.  Please drop off any donations in or near the band hall safe, marked “mums” Thank you!
Volunteering Info

If you are interested in learning the mum/garter building basics, please try to visit us this week, September 18th – 20th: we will be making Pacesetter mums starting Tuesday at 9am – 2:30 PM.  This will be a hands on session.  Walk-ins Welcome!   Come to the upstairs band area (yes, we have a 2nd floor).  Take the elevator or stairs to the left in the practice hallway between the band and orchestra rooms.  There will be a sign to direct you.

Please try to attend. Once sales increase, our time to teach becomes very limited and difficult.  The mum room will always be manned by someone to help you.  It is a great way to get connected with fellow band parents and have a fun time crafting.  If you have not been placed on our volunteer list and would like to help or receive the workroom schedule, please email

This year we have several new trinkets/accents, new upgrades, new Multi-School Mums/Garters & new pricing/forms!  For those new to Homecoming Mums/Garters, follow the link to the information letter to understand the mass of fun ribbons and trinkets.  Follow the link:

Check out the website for mum forms and trinket pictures!

Activity Fee

Final Activity Fee is due this month.  Please make arrangements to pay on the JET Band Website or cash/check payments can be put in an envelope and put in the band safe.  Remember to put your students name and Activity Fee payment on the outside of the envelope.

Holiday March-A-Thon

This new holiday event will be scheduled for December 15th from 3-5pm.  We plan to have a holiday theme with marching through Green Trails subdivision and ending at the park with the band playing a few holiday songs, hot chocolate, candy canes, etc.  While marching on the short route, concerts can be purchased and the band will stop and play a holiday song.  We are thinking about having an “Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest”!

If you would like to help with this event, please email Kristen at

Special Recognition

  • Loading Crew – Ever wonder how those props “magically” appear at our games?  Thanks to Steve Wigger and his crew of dads and mom, these props are loaded and transported to all of our games.  This is no easy feat and there are many hours and lots of energy devoted to this task. In addition, they help with loading instruments and making sure our students have water in the large coolers to refill their jugs before, during and after games.  I just can’t thank you enough!  An amazing group of volunteers!
  • Chaperones – We owe a great deal of gratitude to David and Christy Bailey and their hard-working group of chaperones.  Each student is accounted for, taken care of, hydrated, plumed, and ready to go due to the efforts of this energized group of parents.  Hats off to all of you! Thank you!
  • JET Fuel – “Big Eats for Big Beats”!  That’s how Francyne Kennedy and her JET Fuel crew summarize their work to feed our students before every game!  Our kids have been well fed each week thanks to your efforts!  Thank you for some delicious meals and smiling faces!

As always, I’m here to help.  Let me know if anyone has questions.

March On,

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization