JET Band Booster Blast 8/13/18

Message from Mike Ary, JET Band Director

9th Annual March-A-Thon details

Band Hall opens

Students arrive wearing blue performance shirt, black performance shorts (blue/white/or Melville-style hats and sunglasses are good).  Get instruments out.  As soon as the buses pull in, students should put their full water jugs and any snacks they bring on the bus.  We’ll have snack stops throughout the route, but they may want to bring more snacks or a few Gatorades in a smaller cooler that fits under their bus seat.

Set-up parade block and warm-up outside parking garage.

March-A-Thon step off (marching to NCE and then on to Randall’s)

At each elementary school stop, the students will have the opportunity to use the restroom and refill their water jugs. We are preaching to them that the longer they take at each stop, the longer the day will take.

If you’d like to know where the band currently is or when we’re expected to arrive at a concert stop, please follow the band on twitter and Facebook as we’ll be posting throughout the day.  If you haven’t seen the route, check out the March-A-Thon page on  Lunch will be at Hayes.

We’re guesstimating that band will be back at THS around 4pm to take our group picture.


With school starting this week, students will need to start new routines to make sure they have all their needed band supplies each day.  Most students pack their band bag the evening before and place it next to their backpack so they remember to bring both to school.  Students must wear athletic shoes to band class every day during marching season.  On days we have practice after school this usually isn’t an issue since they brought practice clothes to change in to, but on days we don’t have after school practice students can forget.  On days we have after school practice, students need to remember their rehearsal clothes, shoes, hats, sunglasses, water jugs, etc…

Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School

Message from Spencer Bennett, JET Band President



GEAR – make sure your GEAR is ordered!

Did everyone make the gear deadline?  If not, the next online deadline is August 19th.  After this date the online gear store will be disabled.  Any gear needed after the 19th, please email

Our first gear delivery date is Friday August 17th after practice in the MAIN COMMONS. Any missing items from your order will be delivered after the pep rally on Aug 22nd (i.e. embroidered garment/tote bags).

If you ordered a garment and/or tote bag for your student with embroidery, please send an email to with the requested initials.  There can be up to 3 letters embroidered on the bags.  If you have already sent an email with the initials, there is no need to re-send.

If you purchased gear as “billed”, please send in payment promptly.  If you need a payment plan or plan to use credit from your account towards the purchase, please email

Missing gear on game days:

If you know your child is missing an item at gear check, they can purchase an in stock item at cost if they bring exact change or check.  If they do not have money, their charms account will be charged for the item with an additional $2 surcharge.  Please make sure that your child has all their items ready and prepared the night before to avoid this.

Remember ALL checks written are to “JET Band Boosters”

Dietary Restrictions/Food allergies/Detergent allergies

Dietary restriction/food allergy/detergent allergy forms are due as soon as possible for anyone with issues.  This form can be found on the charms calendar link under the File as and Handouts tab at top or go to:

Food Truck Fest

Come out to the Taylor Football Field on the evening of the 24th and watch the band perform the Mustang Show and a glimpse of our contest show “Dreams”.  It starts at 5pm.  Prizes from the March-A-Thon pledges will be handed out.  Also, support the band by visiting the Food Trucks after their performance.  Great food, great band, great fun!

Yard signs

Yard signs can be purchased here: Yard Sign Order Form.  Orders will be taken up to August 31st.  If you have any questions, contact Lisa Baker at

Trailer wraps

The large trailer has our new design on it!  The small trailer is getting worked on now and should all be done by Wednesday weather permitting.

On the rear of both trailers is available ad space.  2′ x 8′ panels are for sale on the both trailers for $2,000/year and 1/2 panels are for sale for $1,000/year.  Ad space is renewable on a yearly basis for a reduced fee.  You all know the trailers travel the greater Houston area (and beyond) extensively.  Your business name or family acknowledgement will be seen by many!  Two sponsors have already donated and there is space for more!  Please contact for any and all information.

New pledge link and QR code

We have a great new pledge link that we’ve created and we hope to make it viral!  Check it out at JET Band Pledge or type on your browser.

We want this to go out to everyone.  Students can blast out on social media, parents can quickly bring it up for corporation sponsors you can easily show family members and neighbors.

We also have a QR code that we will be placing around band events.  Use your phone to quickly launch to the JET Band Pledge form.

 Special Recognition

I’d like to say a special thank you to Holly Estes and her volunteer team that put together a fantastic breakfast for the returning teachers.  I was told the food was terrific and the teachers really appreciated it.  Thank you so much Holly and all your volunteers!


Questions, comments or help, feel free to ask me.

March On,

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization