JET Band Booster Blast 8/6/18

Message from Spencer Bennett, JET Band President

Hey again!  Please read below on a few more updates.  More info to digest but we need to make sure all information is correct.  Thank you for your patience.


  • August 7th – Band Booster meeting in the Band Hall at 7pm
  • August 8th – Gear Orders are due
  • August 9th – JET Band sponsored Faculty Breakfast
  • August 17th – Gear Delivery – After School
  • August 18th – March-A-Thon
  • August 24th – Food Truck Fest
  • August 31st – First Football Game at Atascocita


Attention Parents! We need you. Please sign up and bring a breakfast item for our Faculty Breakfast this Thursday. We have 26 more slots to fill. We still need casseroles, kolaches, and fruit. It would be terrible to have to cancel this event.  Our teachers do much for our students. This is an easy way to say thank you and good luck this year.

Sign up here:

Items need to be delivered to Taylor by 6:45 this Thursday morning. You won’t even have to get out of your car.  Our Student Leaders will meet you in the parking lot to take your food in.

All food will need to be delivered to the Main Commons by 6:45 am on Thursday, August 9th.

Our Band Seniors will greet you at your car to carry in any items for you.  They will also be serving the breakfast. Please sign up to bring an item at 2018 Faculty Breakfast Sign Up Genius.  Contact Holly Estes at with any questions.


Please sign up to help volunteer for this year’s 2018 JET Band March-A-Thon on August 18th!  All volunteers will be provided a lunch. Click here to sign up.


Our Third Annual Community Food Truck Fest will be held on August 24th in the James E Taylor parking lot next to the football field from 5-8pm.  It’s a great community event to support what we do and who we do it for!  Our 2018 marching show is titled “Dreams” and we should all see a sneak peek of what it will look like.

We’ve got some great food trucks lined up!  Mark your calendars for this fun event.  More information to follow soon.


Make sure your GEAR is ordered!:

Go to CHARMS office (, click the red shopping cart at top to begin your order.  Be sure to select your student’s name from the drop down list.

The Bill and Print option for check/cash purchases has been updated. Once your order is complete and you go through checkout (***make sure you fully “Checkout”***).  If paying by check or cash, click the “Bill and Print”, if paying by credit card, click the “AffiniPay” option.  Parents can send in a check in an envelope marked “JET BAND BOOSTERS” along with GEAR PAYMENT and the student’s name.  Have your student put the sealed envelope in the band hall safe.

  • School code: jetaylorband, then password (student ID for new students). If your child is a returning student, ask your student first before asking Mr. Ary for a password reset.
  • ALL STUDENTS, except percussion, will need new gloves this year! We are now wearing black gloves. Drum Majors will remain wearing white gloves.
  • First gear order for March-A-Thon delivery is DUE by August 8th!  Delivery is August 17th.
  • If your student has not been sized for gloves or shoes, please contact
  • Remember: You can get free pre-used gear! Contact to see what is available.


At the end of each Summer Band outdoor practice, we ask volunteers to provide and hand out popsicles to the band members. This will also happen occasionally during the school year. This is an easy way for parents (2-3 families are welcome to join together) to provide a refreshing end to a hard, hot day of marching!

Parents should arrive 10 minutes before the time indicated on the sign-up. Plan to bring 150 popsicles. You should also bring a trash bag and a couple of pairs of scissors to open the popsicles.

There are still open spots so please join in on the fun providing a treat to our kids!  Follow the link to

JET Band Raptor Information and Chaperone/Loading Crew/General Volunteer Sign-Up

When you sign up to volunteer during the 2018-19 school year, you must submit your driver’s license information for the Katy ISD Raptor System. Please click here to provide your details before volunteering.


All volunteer hours should be accounted for.  As a reminder, we as a booster organization track all volunteer hours.  These hours get reported to the district which helps us maintain our 501(c)(3) status of being tax exempt.

Angie Steinhauer is our new Points Coordinator.  Please email your hours to


If your child has an Allergy and/or Dietary need, we need your forms by August 13th, so we can accommodate by March-A-Thon.

This form can be found, School code: jetaylorband.  Click Files and Handouts at bottom.  You do NOT need to sign into an account to access forms.


KISD is changing its instrument rental fee to a flat $80 all year, not by semester. This KISD maintenance fee is for anyone who uses a school owned instrument which includes percussion.  The fee is payable online at Once it is charged to your child’s payment plus account, online payments are preferred, but you can pay by check if you send it to the band safe written to “Katy ISD”.  You must include your child’s name and ID number on the memo line.


There is an extra sandwich option for game/contest days that will be on Charms in the online shop.  $25.


I look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday night and, as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me


March On,

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization