JET Band Booster Blast 7/30/18

Message from Mike Ary, Director of Bands

Now that marching band is in full-swing, things are going to be busy for a while.  This is our first week of 7am-4pm rehearsals.  Please continue to remind your students to drink water before we start at 7am.  The long-range forecast does not show any relief from this heat; please also provide plenty of sunscreen, your student will also need a hat and sunglasses.  If your student is sore from the physical activity, please remind them to stretch again in the evening before they lay down for the night.

Saturday morning, Aug 4, we’ll have an outdoor marching rehearsal that morning from 7am-11pm.  From Noon-2pm we are hosting a leadership workshop with world-renowned clinician Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser (  This workshop is mandatory for all our current student leaders and highly recommended for any student interested in becoming a student leader one day.  The workshop costs $25 for our students (payable to JET Band Boosters).  This workshop will be attended by band, orchestra, and choir student leaders from across the greater Houston area.

We will need about 6 adult volunteers from 11am-12:30pm to help register and check-in the several hundred students that will be in attendance.  If you can volunteer, please let Mr. Ary know.

Monday, Aug 6 our school has announced that we will have the Freshmen Fish Camp that morning from 8am-noon, so our schedule for the day has been altered on Charms to allow us to get everything done. Our 10-12th graders will play that morning at the initial pep rally while the freshmen will attend Fish Camp for the entire morning.  That afternoon we have Scott Lang ( in to work with just our band students, something the JET Band does every year.  All band students are required to attend the workshop from 3:30pm-5:30pm.  From 5:30pm-6:30pm the leadership team will continue to work with Scott while the rest of the band eats dinner and prepares for an evening rehearsal.  The leaders will eat while they continue to work with Scott during that 5:30-6:30 hour.  From 6:30-9pm everyone will be out on the field rehearsing.

The remainder of that week (Aug 7-10) will be 4pm-9pm rehearsals, as the band staff has in-service meeting and professional development sessions during the daytime.  Then Saturday, Aug 11 will be another 7-11am rehearsal.

Mike Ary
Director of Bands
James E. Taylor High School

Message from Spencer Bennett, JET Band President

It’s me again!  Please read below on a few more updates.  More info to digest but we need to make sure all information is correct.  Thank you for your patience.


  • August 1st – Parent polo shirts and backpack order forms are due
  • August 4th – Leadership Workshop with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
  • August 6th – Scott Lang Workshop (Summer lunch for this day will be moved to dinner)
  • August 7th – Band Booster meeting in the Band Hall at 7pm
  • August 9th – JET Band sponsored Faculty Breakfast
  • August 18th – March-A-Thon
  • August 24th – Food Truck Fest


Once you enter CHARMS office (, click the red shopping cart at top to begin your order.  Be sure to select your student’s name from the drop down list.

The Bill and Print option for check/cash purchases has been updated. Once your order is complete and you go through checkout, you won’t need to actually print out the order.  The amount of the order will be directly billed to your student’s account.  Parents can send in a check in an envelope marked “JET BAND BOOSTERS” along with GEAR PAYMENT and the student’s name.  Have your student put the sealed envelope in the band hall safe.  Once the check is processed, the amount will be credited to your student’s account.

School code: jetaylorband, then password (student ID for new students). If your child is a returning student, ask your student first before asking Mr. Ary for a password reset.

ALL STUDENTS, except percussion, will need new gloves this year! We are now wearing black gloves. Drum Majors will remain wearing white gloves.

First gear order for March-A-Thon delivery is DUE by August 8th!


Each year the JET Band hosts a breakfast for the Taylor Faculty to show them our support and appreciation of their hard work. We need your help to make this a great treat for our teachers.  Can you please provide your favorite breakfast casserole, two dozen Kolaches, or a gallon of juice to serve at the breakfast?  All items need to be dropped off at the door to the Main Commons by 6:45 am on Thursday, August 9th.  Please sign up to bring an item at 2018 Faculty Breakfast Sign Up Genius.  Please contact Holly Estes at with questions.


KISD is changing its instrument rental fee to a flat $80 all year, not by semester. THIS KISD maintenance fee is for anyone who uses a school owned instrument which includes percussion.  The fee is payable online at Once it is charged on your child’s payment plus account, online payments are preferred, but you can pay by check if you send it to the band safe written to “Katy ISD”.  You must include your child’s name and ID number on the memo line.


There is an extra sandwich option for game/contest days that will be on Charms in the online shop.  $25.


If your child has an Allergy and/or Dietary need, we need your forms by August 13th, so we can accommodate by March-A-Thon.

This form can be found, School code: jetaylorband. Click Files and Handouts at bottom. You do NOT need to sign into an account to access forms.


Scrip is an ongoing Band Booster fundraiser.  Band Booster members can help support the band and contribute to their child’s band trip account without spending any additional money.  You just have to change the way you pay for purchases.  Instead of paying with your credit card, cash or check, you buy the Scrip Card for a specific retailer in advance and then make your purchases with it.  You can shop at retailers you usually patronize and spend what you normally do.  Click here for more information about Scrip Cards.

Parents will purchase “Scrip” (similar to gift cards or gift certificates) from the Band Boosters for the face value of the card and spend it with retailers where they get credit for the full-face value.

The Band Boosters receive a discount from the retailers at the time the purchase of the Scrip Card is made.  For example, you buy a $100 Randall’s gift card through the Scrip program, you pay $100 for it, and it is worth $100 when you use it to shop at Randall’s.  The Boosters get a 9% discount on the card, and the $9 saved is applied 100% to your child’s band trip account.  The discount varies by retailer, so check the Scrip retailer list for that rate.  Some retailers also run “specials” from time to time where cards purchased that month will have a higher discount rate than normal.

There are two options for payments – a check dropped off at the band safe in the band hall or registering for Presto Pay.  Presto Pay links to your checking account, is completely safe and my recommendation.

You are able to order physical gift cards and online gift cards.  Please note, if you are ordering a physical gift card, there are shipping charges that will be deducted from your rebate.

This is a great program and can help you add money to your students account with normal purchases.  If you wish to enroll, email our Scrip Card Coordinator, Amy Fowler at or  She is happy to help answer any questions and set you up for purchases.


This volunteer opportunity will help make you one of the band’s favorite parents as we provide popsicles at the end of outdoor practice.  The details are contained in the signup genius link: click here.

There are available dates throughout summer marching practices as well as throughout the remainder of the marching season.


Please don’t forget to ask me any questions if you have them.  I’m here to help!

March On,

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization