JET Band Booster Blast 7/16/18

Message from Spencer Bennett, JET Band President

Hey everyone!  Can you believe next week summer band starts?  So, this week we have a lot getting started in preparation for this next marching season. 


  • JET Band Booster meeting for the 2018 marching season:  July 23rd, 7pm at the PAC (Performing Arts Center).
  • March-a-Thon is August 18th.  The map and pledge forms will be up on the website so you can schedule your concerts.  Please start spreading the word about MAT (friends, family, neighbors). Click here for more details on the March-A-Thon.
  • JET Band Food Truck Fest is set for Friday, August 24th.



System Blue is this Thursday and Friday.  Encourage your kids to sign up as it is a premier educational event that is sponsored by the Blue Devils.  Also, keep this Friday evening open to attend the DCI Tour of Champions Show where these bands battle it out for first place.  It is truly an incredible experience seeing top level bands from around the country perform shows that are mesmerizing.

Visit to check out all the details and sign up.  Another great reason to not miss out on this is JET Band Students receive a 60% discount on the fees because we are hosting the camp beginning at Taylor (Thursday) then moving to Legacy Stadium (Friday).  Use the promo code TXJET2018. It covers lunch both days, the instruction, a booklet, a t-shirt, drum sticks (for drummers only) and a ticket to the DCI Show (a $35 value).  At the bottom under Other Information, brass and woodwind students should register for the leadership track, percussion for the percussion track, and guard for the guard track.  If you’d like to purchase additional tickets to the DCI show (for family or friends not attending the System Blue Camp), you may do so at the bottom of the page under the Additional Items.  You will be responsible for all of your own transportation, including to and from Legacy on Friday.

Wear your Taylor blue and I hope to see many of you there on Friday!


Activity Fee payments are due for June & July.  Each payment is $137.50 or $550 total ($450 with meal opt-out form which can be found on the website).  Payments can be made by following the link “Band Activity Fee” under the Make a Payment section on the main website page.  It will automatically post to your child’s account.  Cash and Check Payments can be brought to the front desk of Taylor, Monday – Thursday from 8am-3pm.  There will be a payment box.  You can also bring money to the kick-off meeting on the 23rd.   If you have any questions contact


Project Grad is now taking pre-orders for summer lunches.  Lunches are $10 each, go to for more information on what each meal includes. Website is fixed for Apple iPhone users.  Payment must be made before lunches are delivered. Also, you only have to pay for the days you want lunch.  If no payment is given, lunch will not be delivered to your child.  They are able to offer Veggie and Gluten Free options for certain days, please check each day.  Payment can be dropped off at front desk of Taylor Monday – Thursday from 8am-3pm.  PayPal option available on Project Grad website.  Checks payable to “THS Project Grad”.  If you have any questions contact Sharon Mitchell at


JET Band March-a-Thon is August 18th.  The map and pledge forms are now on the website under the Booster Tab so you can start scheduling your concerts!  This is such a great event that brings the community together supporting our Band.  Let’s get these pledge forms rolling in from your family, neighbors and friends! Click here for more details on the March-A-Thon. If you have any questions contact Marion Harris at


Gear can be ordered online only on Charms in late July.  You will need to sign in to your child’s Charms account to order their gear.  You can still pay by check, cash or credit card.  Instructions will be at the end of your order.

  • ALL students will need new gloves this year (excluding percussion)!!
  • NEW students, we recommend two of all clothing items unless you enjoy late night laundering.
  • NEW students are required to have a Taylor Band water jug.  Any water jug, including the Taylor Band jug can be used for practice, but the required water jug must be used for games.   We will have water jugs for sale at the parent meeting on July 23rd  before practice begins. They are $12.
  • **Pre-owned gear is available for free.  For more details, contact David and Christy Bailey at to see if we have what you need.


Scrip is an ongoing Band Booster fundraiser.  Band Booster members can help support the band and contribute to their child’s band trip account without spending any additional money.  You just have to change the way you pay for purchases.  Instead of paying with your credit card, cash or check, you buy the Scrip Card for a specific retailer in advance and then make your purchases with it.  You can shop at retailers you usually patronize and spend what you normally do.

Click here for more information about Scrip Cards.

Parents will purchase “Scrip” (similar to gift cards or gift certificates) from the Band Boosters for the face value of the card and spend it with retailers where they get credit for the full-face value.

The Band Boosters receive a discount from the retailers at the time the purchase of the Scrip Card is made.  For example, you buy a $100 Randall’s gift card through the Scrip program, you pay $100 for it, and it is worth $100 when you use it to shop at Randall’s.  The Boosters get a 9% discount on the card, and the $9 saved is applied 100% to your child’s band trip account.  The discount varies by retailer, so check the Scrip retailer list for that rate.  Some retailers also run “specials” from time to time where cards purchased that month will have a higher discount rate than normal.

There are two options for payments – a check dropped off at the band safe in the band hall or registering for Presto Pay.  Presto Pay links to your checking account, is completely safe and my recommendation.

You are able to order physical gift cards and online gift cards.  Please note, if you are ordering a physical gift card, there are shipping charges that will be deducted from your rebate.

This is a great program and can help you add money to your students account with normal purchases.  If you wish to enroll, email our Scrip Card Coordinator, Amy Fowler at or  She is happy to help answer any questions and set you up for purchases.

March On,

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization