JET Band Booster Blast 6/6/18

Message from Spencer Bennett, President JET Band Boosters

Hello all Taylor Band Boosters!  Summer is definitely here and I hope everyone has the opportunity to slow down, relax and have some good quality time with the family.  In the meantime, below is information to help you plan JET Band activities for the next several months.



  • Fireworks: Training June 16th from 1-2:30pm (training is required for all volunteers)
  • Fireworks Sale: June 24th – July 4th
  • Fireworks: Inventory Day July 7th
  • First JET Band meeting kickoff for the 2018 marching season:  July 23rd, 7pm at the PAC (Performing Arts Center)
  • March-a-Thon is August 18th
  • JET Band Food Truck Fest is set for Friday, August 24th


  • This year’s Activity Fee is $550.
  • The fee INCLUDES ALL Game and Contest Meals AND the overnight trip cost to BOA in San Antonio.
  • Monthly Payments begin June 1st at $137.50  per month until Sept.
  • You can bring your payment to the front desk of Taylor High School. There is a box for payments or you may mail it to: JET Band Boosters, 20700 Kingsland Blvd., Katy, TX  77450.
  • Online payments via credit card will soon be made available on the JET Band website.


  • You will not need to pay separately for food this year, EXCEPT if you choose to have two sandwiches.  If you’re child chooses to have extra at mealtime, it will be an additional $20 and you will purchase this with their Gear on Charms.
  • NO Vegetarian option is available for Game Meals, they will only be provided for Contest Meals.  Contest Meals are when the students are on the road during mealtime and cannot be provided by themselves.
  • We are offering an OPT-OUT option for Game Meals.  If you choose not to have us provide meals for your child for Game Days, you can take $100 off your Activity Fee Payment ($450 total).  You must include an OPT-OUT form with your payment.
  • There will be no refunds during or after marching season for meals.
  • Vegetarian/Allergy Forms for Contest Meals and the OPT-OUT Form for Game Meals can be found at under “Handouts and Files”.
  • **Please fill out the Allergy form if you have laundry allergies, as well**.


  • All Gear and meal additions will be ordered online only on Charms in late July.  You will need to sign in to your child’s Charms account to order their gear.  You can still pay by check, cash or credit card.  Instructions will be at the end of your order.
  • ALL students will need new gloves this year!!
  • NEW students, we recommend two of all clothing items unless you enjoy late night laundering.
  • NEW students are required to have a Taylor Band water jug.  Any water jug, including the Taylor Band jug can be used for practice, but the required water jug must be used for games.   We will have water jugs for sale at the parent meeting on July 23rd  before practice begins. They are $12.
  • **Pre-owned gear is available for free, for more details, contact David and Christy Bailey at to see if we have what you need.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

March on,

Spencer Bennett
JET Band Booster Organization