Show some love to the band!

We’re one of the top 15 marching bands in the state of Texas! Your contribution — big or small — will go a long way in enhancing our music program, purchasing new instruments and equipment, getting us to football games and competitions, and in motivating our kids to perform their best!

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Need a reason to donate?

  1. For the halftime show!
  2. For bringing Mustang Pride to football games!
  3. Because we’re neighbors (and you can hear me practice)
  4. Because music runs in our family
  5. For dem diddles!
  6. For that flag pop toss!
  7. For playing your favorite song
  8. For carrying those heavy things around
  9. Because we made you smile today!
  10. Because you’re a proud alumni paying it forward

Thanks to our current donors!

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